About Us

  • Innovation and client friendly approach are the pillars of strength for us at AYA Projects & Consultants.
  • We have requisite expertise and experience to execute any required task according to customers demand and in desired volumes.
  • All of our products and services are dedicated to a common goal, that of redefining the standards of excellence in their respective areas.
  • For AYA “Excellence” will always be the theme and “perfection” the philosophy.

Human’s desire to blend aesthetic appeal with modern technologies gave direction to modern architecture. Keeping this philosophy at the helm, we at AYA Projects intend to come up with innovative eco-friendly exterior cladding solutions to all the modern architectural requirements of the century relating to building, construction, infrastructure and allied industries.

AYA Projects is a first generation concern formed with a vision to provide modern exterior cladding solutions widely used in facades and roofing using products which are completely modern, totally recyclable or partially/completely biodegradable and with the highest aesthetic appeal.

Owing to a modest start, we are beginning to foresee our success to involve two main ingredients i.e. ‘vision & innovation’, the other being an unflagging commitment to growth and the ability to go an extra mile. From the day of its inception we have sought to explore new horizons, discover new perspectives and evolve new solutions.

This positive approach has helped the company to identify a field having vast potential growth prospects. It has a vision of the Indian industry undergoing rapid changes to cover its rightful share in the world market.

AYA Projects firmly believes in growing with the clients by providing effective and timely services and while AYA continues its zest of discovering new applications and innovations to adapt to the changing needs, our existing client base continues to have faith in us, stay loyal, supportive and steady in its commitment.

The company is envisaged to cater to projects all across Central India, has its head office in Nagpur and shortly will be based in few more cities of Central India, thereby growing as well as satisfying all the customer needs.

As every new project have its own particular technical requirements, our ability to stimulate and receive ideas and concepts to and from other countries ensure our forefront position in the target market place.

To reach new horizons and new aspirations the company has a dream with a Theme. As long as the distant peaks remains to be conquered there will be no looking back. AYA and its team of specialists guarantee a speedy and reliable service at any time and place.

Ideation, innovation and creation will continue on the same demanding lines. What will change is the scope and the diversion which enables us to learn from the Industry, learn from our experiences and then “set rather than follow industry standards” taking the clients and the company to a larger … greener canvas……