Advantages of Tensile Fabric Structures to Industries

Posted On :- 25 May 2017

For any small scale industry or heavy industry, tensile fabric structures are the perfect solution that caters to storage needs, permanent or even temporary building structure. When you choose tensile fabric structure as your temporary building, you are surely going to get the assurance of weather protection, portability and the option of foundation less construction.  Gone are those when you had to bring the job to the shop, with tensile fabric structure bring the shop to the job.  So these structures seem to be loved around the word and preferred for construction sites, airports, sports arenas, marinas and exhibition halls. 


Heavy Duty, Flexible Solutions for Businesses

Brick and mortar metal buildings are the thing of the past; these days’ architects think differently and want to use modern components. Tensile fabric structures have proven to be world class and a great solution for temporary building and warehouses.

These are perfect temporary solution for industrial and commercial portable buildings and structures. What are the benefits?

In addition, fabric structures aid in making commercial and industrial structures and buildings, lets know theses structures’ advantage to different industries…


Perfect Temporary Shelter Solution for Commercial Industries

Fabric structures are all weather compatible offer more clear span, portability and durability, which makes these structures befitting for several commercial industries including: 

  • Sandblasting Containment and Marine Painting

Sandblasting Containment and Marine Painting work can be continued all around the year without any interruption as fabric structures are durable and offer transparency, where natural lights can pass through the structure and would lessen the requirement of electric lights.

  • Marine Industry

Marinas that service large boats and ships can use these structures as they are wheel mountable. This way the whole structure can be moved according to the season or the changing level of water near bay area.

  • Boat slip covers

At a private or public marina, fabric structures can be used to house both business-owned and personal boats, no matter if it large or small. Fabric structures’ clear span provides more room to boats of several sizes.

  • Warehousing and Storage

For a perfect temporary warehouse, fabrics structures are always preferred. To keep agricultural products and construction, people need a clutter free space. Tensile fabric can be used to construct such storage facility within days.

  • Construction

Mega construction sites need heavy equipment, inventories and building materials, which are to be kept safely at the end of the day. Tensile fabric structures can be used to build such storage house and can be disassembled once the construction is done. Its portable, one truck can get it to the next location, where it can be reassembled.

  • Concrete Curing

To cure the concrete properly in a large construction site, cover up is necessary where the concrete is being poured. No matter where the construction site is located, fabric structure will cover up the entire facility and act as a weather proof agent.

  • Aircraft Hangars

Fabric structures can be a great solution for aircraft hangars used in permanent as well as temporary facilities. From NASA to small private airports, all love to use it.

  • Sports and Recreation

Brick and mortar building for sports site or Recreation Park is not feasible as not everyone can afford it. However, fabric structures are affordable and they are great for recreation spaces, equestrian parks and sports arenas.

There are many other uses of Tensile Fabric Structures. When it comes to building any temporary structures, sky is the limit.