Tensile Fabric Roof Structures Growing in Popularity

Posted On :- 12 June 2017

Today, more and more companies are investing in tensile membrane technology for creating aesthetically superior building facades and roofs and other structures. One of the most popular applications of tensile fabric technology is creating monumental, innovatively designed roofs. From parking sheds to stadiums, from schools, universities and hospitals to restaurants, gardens and retail outlets, you can see various roof designs created using the tensile fabric. 

Tensile membrane structures have in fact grown in popularity in last two decades and India too is warming up to the idea. There has been a rapid increase in demand for tensile fabric roofs in India thanks to the new technology that has made possible to create non-conventional structures that were impossible a few decades ago.

Why Builders love it?
If you were an architect or a builder, you would always look for materials that allow you expand your imagination and convert your ideas even the insane ones into beautiful structures. That is exactly what the tensile membrane technology does. You have the freedom and literally endless design opportunities to create any kind of roof you want. You can basically pick up any odd roofing design and the tensile technology can make it possible. This is one of the biggest reasons why such roofs are growing in popularity.

Creates beautiful structures 
Today, businesses are investing in smart designs to establish an image of sophistication, elegance and practicality. Tensile roofs are the first thing you are going to notice on a building because they are designed to create beautiful structures. The practicality and the great functionality that comes with it is an added bonus. One of the key features of tensile roofs is that during the day it creates diffused lit spaces like in the sports stadiums or parking shades. You do not require additional lighting during the daytime. Likewise, during the night the same tensile structure creates exterior luminescence. This saves you money on energy consumptions. 

They are super easy to install
For builders, tensile membrane roofs are super easy to create and install.  Since, it uses just the tension in the element to create the desired shape it does not require heavy steel structures to support them. There is no need for any kind of bending or compression of the elements. This simplifies installation process and hence saves tones of times. This is one of the practical reasons why builder simply love this new construction technology. They are also very lightweight, lighter than any other roofing materials. 

Structures that last for decades
Tensile membrane roofs can last for years and years. They are very strong and are even capable of withstanding earthquakes. This durability simply makes it one of the best options for building long lasting roofs for commercial and residential establishments. 

Tensile fabric roof structures are fast becoming popular thanks to its great aesthetics appeal, functionality, durability, translucence, eco-friendliness, and quick installation. For builders, it's adaptability to diverse applications makes tensile fabric one of the best tools in modern construction environment.