Facade Systems

Frameless spider glazing and suspended glass systems are offered as shop fronts for display or any other application requiring transparent two way vision.Suspended glass walls provide floor to ceiling vision areas by employing glass fins and metal patches and flexible silicon, weather seal to join large glass sheets.

Spider glass fins systems offers total frameless glass vision without obstruction and yet provides the liberty of creativity.Fully tempered and heat soaked glass assures safety and reliability while it offers complete design freedom for mechanical fixtures.

Curtain wall and structural glazing systems are offered with heat reflective coloured glasses providing transparent one way vision. Aesthetically appealing facades along with abundant light are ideally suited for commercial and residential projects.

Aluminium composite panels consist of thermoplastic core of low density Polyurethane sandwiched between two layers of high grade aluminium sheets coated with PVDF.

Our highly flexible glazing system facilitates furnishing of even and existing structures constructed out of conventional materials. Years old edifices can be brought to life by revamping the exteriors through glazing, thus creating a striking impression.

The clear glass gives matchless uninterrupted vision and allows natural light to filter spreading an aura of profound beauty indoors, while acting as an energy saver. Our glazing provides excellent weather resistance that in turn make it maintenance free and prolongs outdoor life.

Completed Projects