Tensile Membrane

AYA offers world class expertise in tensile membrane architecture to Central Indian market through global and national alliances that have initiated to change the face of our cityscapes forever. Seemingly impossible structures using traditional building materials have started to become a reality in membrane architecture.

Architectural membrane structures are categorised by having a rather small mass relative to the applied load, which is determined through an optimisation process. The primary types of structures includes Synclastic frame supported, Anticlastic cable net, cable and strut Tensegrity, Pneumatic air supported and air inflated.

The usual ascending order in the process of making a tensile membrane structure is the architectural conceptualisation, form finding, designing, structural fabrication, survey of the erected structure for fabric patterning, patterning and fabrication of membrane and ends with installation of membrane.

Materials like PVC/polyester, PTFE/glass fibre coated fabrics, uncoated woven ETFE fabrics, ETFE membranes and mesh fabrics will enthral and take the shape of tomorrow to come.

We offer translucent white TYPE 1,2 & 3 grade of PVC Polyester membranes for roofing applications and mostly high quality PVC Polyester based Mesh membranes for facade applications.

Completed Projects